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The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD
Proverbs 18:22

On this, the most wonderful beginning or renewal of your journey… the Story must be told.

With the technology advancement of even Smartphones, you can take a very nice photo, it looks sooo good! Hey, I’m a photographer now… I bet I could do your wedding. I won’t charge you much, I can do it!

On THIS day, your WEDDING day, you have planned and coordinated for a PERFECT day. Everything is in Place… How will the Story be told? It’s not the equipment, no matter how advanced. There is NO Substitute for Experience! We are Seasoned 40+ year Professional Master Storytellers of Photography! From film to digital, we have done our fair share of Weddings! We stay current, we use our expertise… to tell a Story that will last a Lifetime!
Invest in your Vision… Hire the Professional!

A career that spans over 40 years, from film to Digital! Experience will always be the ‘difference’ in capturing your Vision!  We have a few samples of both…

Look at the details and the ‘Captured Moments’…
You can see our work in both Photography and Videography in the following destinations…




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On this, the most wonderful beginning or renewal of your journey… the Story must be told.

At LG TV PRODUCTIONS LLC and Dee Johnson Photography, we “Create to Elevate”. It is a passion that has found ‘FAVOR’ with the Creator.

Our clients say we have the unusual ability to capture the essence of creating a story for generations to come. It is why we carry the title of Master Photographer and we stay abreast of keeping that ability at it’s highest level…for any occasion!

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